Friday, April 29, 2016

Cui mie Noddle from Puri Denpasar hotel

Cui Mie Noodle Puri Denpasar hotel
Probably you won’t find this food. Only me….???
The chef of this hotel made this special menu only for the bazaar which was held at the back of this hotel.
This noodle was so tasty with crunchy cui mie vegetables. Hmmmmh.

Try to go to this hotel. Perhaps the chef would have added this noodle as one of their menus

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fried fillet snapper fish wrapped in chili sauce-cooking experience

Fried snapper fillet fish wrapped in chili sauce

Inspired by Chinese cooking performance and the same food that I enjoyed at a restaurant, I tried to cook this food myself.

I am sharing the mystery just for you here!!!!!!!!!

First I made the fried fillet snapper fish. I wrapped some small pieces of fish in flour and egg batter and then fried them.

Then I made the sauce. Just use my imagination.
Garlics and red chilies are chopped together and sauté them. Put some leeks. Smell nice. Then pour the sago and water solution into it.

It’s really nice. I became a chef!!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic Marugame Udon

Fantastic Marugame Udon

Who doesn’t know udon? A kind of big noodle from Japan.
At Marugame Udon, Taman Anggrek mall Jakarta we can enjoy this udon.

 This clear broth flavored soy sauce is unforgetable. 

with the toping made from fried foods is very suitable 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Nasi uduk Bakar @ Warung Tekko

Enjoying Nasi Uduk Bakar @
       Warung Tekko
This Restaurant provideaIndonesian cuisine such as nasi uduk, pempek, soto, etc.
You will see some decorations that  characterized Indonesia.

This time I tried nasi uduk bakar with shredded chicken. This steamed rice cooked in coconut milk which is traditional food from Jakarta was wrapped in banana leaf and has been roasted. 
Know more about typical food of Jakarta

Savory. Very Indonesian.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Chicken noodle Sui Sen, Pasar Baru

Chicken noodle Sui Sen

They have chicken noodle or pork or both chicken and pork noodle. The one I tried is chicken noodle. It’ tastes good. It small textured noodle

Crust baked rice @Sotee Restaurant, Gajah Mada

Crust baked rice @ Sotee restuarant
Delicious rice. Spiced rice with chicken and vegetabled in sauce. Served in a hot bowl. Worth to try.

Green Noodle @ Bakmi Amin, Mangga Dua

Green Noodle Bakmi Amin
This delicious chicken noodles with green colour. Fresh looking.  When touch the tongue I felt it chewy and tasty.
Good taste.
But feeling a bit fatty at the end of eating this noodle.
with tasty water soup and dumplings